Corporate / Equity Partnership & Equity Sale

Given Myanmar’s projected growth trajectory, many international companies are interested in becoming an operating partner with local companies. Local companies can benefit from the adoption of international practices either by implementing internal change as a stand-alone company or by partnering with an international company for expansion and growth opportunities. The challenge lies in aligning partnerships and incentives that leverage strengths and capabilities for a shared vision, mission and objective.

Given its intimate knowledge of local business and the domestic enabling environment, Ayuroma can work on behalf of the local owners to prepare their company for an equity sale event and identify the ideal international corporate partner, while in the process secure beneficial valuation terms which are confirmed by audited financial statements, for both the international and domestic companies involved. In the majority of cases, Ayuroma will facilitate the resulting partnership via equity sales (minority or majority) in order to establish international best practices within the local context to achieve high growth.