Debt Refinancing / Restructuring


In the recent past Myanmar-based companies only had access to financing opportunities from Myanmar-focused government banks and other private local banks. Fortunately, today local companies also have the opportunity to obtain financing from international banks and multilateral government institutions, in additional to local banks. Ayuroma provides the capacity bridge, international standardization and due diligence, couples with powerful networks to help refinance existing loans for more efficient terms – in turn providing additional savings to our clients by reducing expenses and costs via previously nonexistent multi-year terms. Favorable terms release bad debt and allow companies to raise the capital they need for long term growth.


Ayuroma’s turnkey approach manages the process of debt assignment from a central parent company to the underlying operating subsidiary companies owned by the same family. Optimizing collateral and debt assignment to the underlying operating companies, each operating company is able to receive additional direct financing based on their individual operating financial results, rather than utilizing the conglomerate level method.

Ayuroma navigates companies though this process and structure in order to achieve a more efficient use of asset assignment and capital funding to provide support at the individual company level. Once the planned structure is finalized and agreed, Ayuroma works with banks to close individual debt assignment in order to obtain an efficient funding of debt with the existing banks, or focuses on a refinancing with others on more favorable terms.