The Myanmar Industrial Port (MIP) is located at the heart of Yangon, along the Yangon River. Managing a considerable market share of Myanmars international, in and outbound container traffic and other port services, this national, privately-owned port was founded with the guidance and assistance of the Head of State. The Ministry of Ports permitted private entrepreneurs to undertake port services in cooperation with local and foreign investors, in accordance with Myanmar Investment Law. With MAS as the sole investor, the port has experienced tremendous growth and asset diversification in the past decade. Ayruroma is now working with MAS to strategically review its efficiency, valuation and growth potential in given opportunities for international joint ventures, partnership or sale.


Ruby Dragon, formed in 1992 by Mr. Nay Win Tun, has a long history in successfully managing a diverse portfolio of robust investments and assets.
Navigating safely through both good and difficult political eras, Ruby Dragon began with the exploration and extraction of rubies in Sai Lian Mine, Mong Hsu Township, Shan State of Myanmar. Ruby Dragon then expanded ruby mining into multiple regions, and by 1996, was poised to expand into other sectors. Ruby Dragon established its first gold mine in 1999, with antimony mining in 2002, and today, while mining remains as the core business of the Ruby Dragon, the group has diversified into cement production, hospitality, real estate and into the winery sector.
From its humble beginnings, and guided by Mr. Nay’s values and principles, the company has grown into a regional powerhouse and now employs more than 4,500 staff.
Ayuroma’s role as trusted corporate advisor and asset manager will ensure that Ruby Dragon Group assets operate efficiently, adapt to international standards for sale and/or joint venture opportunities and that the conglomerate’s assets remain sustainable within Myanmar’s emerging market context.